The decentralized way to create and invest in tokenized portfolios.

Crafting the tools to make, measure and monetize real impact.

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Diversify your investments in the Cardano Ecosystem

rebalanceCreate & OfferOffer and monetize your strategies to the public. Manage your MTKs in a non-custodial and permissionless way.
DAOGoverned by a DAOVote, propose and be a crucial part of the community by deciding the future of the protocol.
liquidityGet ExposureBy providing liquidity to all the underlying assets in MTKs.
RiskMitigate your RiskReduce your risk and exposure by diversifying your investments in a tokenized basket of assets.
ArbitrageArbitrage OpportunityFind and Explore arbitrage opportunities by 'burning' your $MTKs tokens and receiving the underlying assets.


1,000,000,000 $METERA
  • Project Development - 0.6%
  • Ecosystem Growth - 34%
  • Partnerships & Advisors - 5.3%
  • Team - 18%
  • ISPO - 9%
  • Pre-sale cNFT - 2.16%
  • Private Sale cNFT - 0.44%
  • Seed - 4.25%
  • DAO Treasury - 12.25%
  • Foundation - 4%
  • Exchange Listing - 10%


Learn what we have done and what we are planning to do.

  • roadmap2023
  • Q2
  • Tokenomics

    Design and Finalize Framework

  • NFTs Private and Pre-Sale Launch

    Initiate private and pre-sales of exclusive Metera NFTs

  • Q3
  • Metera Governance on Clarity Portal

    Launch governance functionality via the Clarity Portal

  • Metera White NFTs for ISPO Launch

    Offer unique White NFTs exclusively for ISPO participants

  • TxPipe Devs Partnership

    Secure partnership with TxPipe Developers for technical collaboration

  • Q4
  • ISPO

    Begin Metera's Initial Stake Pool Offering to engage the community and distribute tokens.

  • roadmap2024
  • Q1
  • Metera Incentive Program

    Roll out the incentive program to reward and recognize community contributions.

  • Q2
  • Private Testnet Launch

    Launch the private testnet for selective participants to test features.

  • Public Testnet Launch

    Open the testnet to the public for broader testing and feedback.

  • ISPO Ending

    Conclude the ISPO and transition to the next phase

  • Q3
  • Token Launch

    Officially release the Metera token to the public

  • Mainnet Launch

    Deploy the Metera protocol on the mainnet

  • Q4
  • Coming Next

    Stay tuned for exciting developments coming this quarter!

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